What's your flava?

icecream display

We at Ice& Vice make ice cream from scratch. It means that instead of using ready-made bases, mixtures, aromas and artificial flavors we rather allow our ingredients to release and blend their flavors and aromas during the long preparation process.

We make ice cream every day in the amounts that satisfy the daily needs while giving our best that only fresh and good produce finds its way to our customers.
That’s how product quality is retained while the customer can rely on their taste buds to decide for them.



Organic. Delicious. Supernatural. Fantastic.

Some of our flavours

Hazelnut. Vanilla from Madagascar. Almond milk Iced Coffee. Cookie dough. Glazed doughnut. Rose hip with white chocolate chips Peanut butter crisp. Mascarpone Raspberry Cupcake. Pistachios in dark chocolate. Banana monkey business. Ricotta cheese with honeycomb. White chocolate milkshake. Orange dipped in dark chocolate. Baileys and cream. Strawberry cheesecake. Tiramisu. Salted Caramel with roasted peanut. Coffee. Coconut. Marzipan. Mango. Cantaloupe. Cherry liquer. Lemon & honey. Kiwi & Raspberry. Amaretto with chocolate. Grapefruit. Raspberry, Leeche & Rose. Elderflower. Orange & Peach.Sesame coffee with chocolate coffee beans. 

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